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Sanitary Food Production Line – Ensure Health!

Have you ever purchased food at Go-Mart, Circle K or Store 24? Do you wonder how these food were made? The following video introduces the production process of various fast food you can buy in convenience stores. You will be amazed by their production process.

Now, the food industry is increasingly inclined to mass production. The food you buy from the convenience store may be completely processed by a series of machine. And because the food is eaten into our stomach, the sanitary condition of the food production process needs to be strictly controlled. To maintain food safety, it is important to use clean media which is made of stainless steel. Sanitary valves are made to meet the standards in the food industry. In the food industry, any production process involving liquids inevitably requires the use of sanitary valves.

Stainless steel sanitary valve made of SUS304 and 316L can meet the special requirements of various media in the field of food and biopharmaceuticals. Its smooth, seamless, automatic emptying handicraft fluid passage is also very suitable for the need for on-site cleaning of steam tread. In the manufacturing process, quality control is strictly carried out according to FDA requirements, and computer three-dimensional design is adopted for G. MP required and manufactured.

Characteristics of sanitary valves

1. Corrosion resistance: The inner chamber and sphere of the valve are lined with F46 or F4 with a thickness of 2.5-3 inches, which can resist strong corrosion.

2. Soft sealing seat, good sealing performance.

3. Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation, and maintenance.

4. Small flow resistance and large flow capacity.

5. If the valve positioner is used, the proportional adjustment can be realized.

In the food processing industry stainless steel is always the primary choice of material as is doesn’t corrode, rust or stain, it has excellent hygiene properties and is able to withstand extreme temperatures from -25°C to +200°C. Stainless steel ball valves and sanitary fittings conform to ISO 4144 standard, specifying the pressure-temperature ratings, dimensions, and materials of stainless steel fittings.

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