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Several Common Valve Applications

Valves can be said to be everywhere in life, no matter the family or the factory, any building can not do without valves. This article will introduce you to several common valve application areas:

Field Application Types of Valves
Oil plant Oil refining device Most of them are pipeline valves, mainly gate valves, globe valves, check valves, safety valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, steam traps, among which, gate valve demand accounts for about 80% of the total number of valves.
Chemical fiber device Chemical fiber products mainly include polyester, acrylic and vinylon. Ball valve and jacketed valve (jacketed ball valve, jacketed gate valve, jacketed shut-off valve) are used.
Acrylonitrile device The device generally needs to use the valve produced by the scale, mainly for the gate valve, the stop valve, the check valve, the ball valve, the steam trap, the needle-shaped stop valve, the plug valve, wherein the gate valve accounts for about 75% of the total valve.
Synthetic ammonia device Gate valve, globe valve, check valve, trap, butterfly valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, needle valve, safety valve, high temperature cryogenic valve
Hydroelectric power station Water transport Safety valve, pressure reducing valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, emergency blocking valve, flow control valve, globe valve. These valves are generally large diameter and can operate in high pressure environments.
Metallurgy Metallurgical industry Globe valve and regulating valve.
Steel industry Metal sealed ball valves, butterfly valves and oxidized ball valves, globe valves and four-way reversing valves
Marine Offshore oilfield exploitation Shut off ball valve, check valve, multi-way valve
Food and medicine Food, raw material transportation Stainless steel sanitary ball valve, non-toxic all-plastic ball valve and butterfly valve
Rustic and urban architecture Urban construction system Low-pressure valves, environmentally friendly rubber plate valves, balancing valves, and mid-line butterfly valves, metal-sealed butterfly valves are gradually replacing low-pressure iron gate valves.
Coastal city construction Balance valve, soft seal gate valve, butterfly valve
Pipeline Water supply system Midline butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve, ball valve, exhaust valve (to remove air from pipes)
Sewage treatment system Soft seal gate valve, butterfly valve
Gas transportation Ball valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve
Crude oil, finished products and natural pipelines Forged steel three-body full-bore ball valve, sulfur-resistant slab gate valve, safety valve, check valve

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