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Sanitary Valves: The Best Choice For Food Industry

In the process of food manufacturing, antiseptic equipment, including valves used by quality control personnel to simply and safely transport liquids in pipelines and vessels, are vital to make sure the security of the food as well as its consumers. Therefore, sanitary valves are far more preferred in food industry than common industrial valves.

What does “sanitary” means?

Sanitary means “clean and not dangerous for your health or protecting health by removing dirt and waste”. Since we consume food into our body, the safety of the food is directly related to human health. Sanitary valve used in food processing can reduce the possibility of contamination from harmful pathogens, during transportation.

Contamination risk in food production mainly comes from the accumulation of malignant bacteria and the corrosion of the valve body. Therefore it’s extremely important to choose the higher-standard sanitary valves to prevent contamination and ensure food safety.

Why sanitary valves are better?

Sanitary valves are usually used in the higher hygiene requirements occasions. Although the appearance of sanitary valves and ordinary valves seem no difference, the special design and excellent materials of sanitary valves still make them outstanding in the food industry.

Special Design

Ordinary industrial valve usually has a dead space between the ball and the valve body. The dead space is where food debris can accumulate and contaminate the process. The following video is an example of a ball valve dead space which helps bacteria survive and grow in the pipeline. In contrast, the higher-standard design of sanitary valve determines the valve’s effectiveness in preventing contamination as well as ease of use. The lack of dead space also makes the valve easier to clean.

Excellent Materials

Materials used to make sanitary valves are high-quality 304S and 316S stainless steel. Both of these two stainless steels are non-magnetic, austenitic, and non-hardenable through heat treatment. And more importantly, they will not cause contamination.

Where to get sanitary valves?

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