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How to measure whether the valve meets the standard?

The valve is a control component in the fluid delivery system and has functions such as cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevention of backflow, regulation, shunting or overflow relief. Next, let Admant Valves teach you how to identify whether the valve meets the standard.


The switch control of the valve is the first to be tested, because it directly affects a series of processes such as production and transportation. If there is a problem with the switch control of the valve, then this valve is considered a failure and cannot be shipped from the factory under normal circumstances. The switching control of the valve is usually tested by means of a sealed pressure test. If the valve switch is feasible and there is no leakage, it is considered to meet the standard.


Leakage, like switch control, directly affects the production process, so it is necessary to check it carefully. There are two main types of leakage: one is internal leakage and the other is external leakage. External leakage is mainly caused by improper installation. Therefore, workers are required to install according to the installation requirements when installing the valve to avoid the external leakage. The internal leakage is mainly caused by the poor sealing of the valve, and can be divided into two aspects: the product is not up to standard or the installation is not correct. The valves produced by Adamant Valves are strictly inspected for quality and will never suffer from the above quality problems. Sometimes the valve is used for too long, and there will be leakage. In this case, it can be repaired by a wrench. The video below may help you save time and money to change a valve.

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The valve body, disc and sealing surface of a qualified valve must meet the corresponding requirements to prevent corrosion of the valve and cause the production process to be affected. In general, the strength of valve is evaluated mainly from various conditions such as temperature, corrosivity, and pressure of the medium. Adamant Valves is mainly engaged in sanitary valves. These valves are superior to ordinary valves in all cases. Although the price is more expensive, the quality is absolutely worthy of the quality. For industries with particularly high hygiene requirements, such as food and medical care, it is highly recommended that you try sanitary valves.

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