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    An Overview of Sanitary Control Valve

    Control valves limit or regulate the flow of liquids, gases, or a mixture of both as required. In its most basic form, a control valve has an adjustable aperture which is opened and closed manually as necessary—opening to increase the flow and closing to decrease the flow. Why do we need control valves? In many cases, when the piping system is in place, it will require a precise amount of constant flow to properly determine the size of the pump, piping and other accessories. If there is no proper flow control valve, the fluctuating system pressure will deviate from the design flow. The flow control valve should be constant. All valves in…

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    3 Types of Sanitary Butterfly Valves

    A Quick Look at These Three Types of Sanitary Butterfly Valve. Sanitary Butt Welded Butterfly Valve, Sanitary Thread Butterfly Valves and Sanitary Flange Butterfly Valves.   Sanitary Butt Welded Butterfly Valve The Sanitary Butt Welded Butterfly Valves are triple offset structure and suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, etc. Its are quarter-turn valves which are used for isolating or regulating flow. They are favored for being lighter in weight, requiring less support and are suitable for water and gas, which makes them useful across industrial, mining and power applications. The butt-weld butterfly valve has various advantages such as good sealing performance, convenient operation, and quick opening and closing. They have no flanges, making…

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    What Makes Sanitary Fittings Different From Ordinary Fittings

    Pipe fitting or tube fitting is the occupation of installing or repairing piping or tubing systems that convey liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials. This work involves selecting and preparing pipe or tubing, joining it together by various means, and the location and repair of leaks. The different materials, construction mechanical processing, ID & OD dimensions of the fittings make them different. As for the food, beverage, biopharmaceutical and personal care industries, they will definitely choose stainless steel sanitary fittings rather than any other ordinary fittings. Why? What is the difference between them? Existed along with word “sanitary”, sanitary tube fittings are cleanable. They can either cleaned by dismantling a…

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    A Good Share: Make a Check Valve By Yourself

    This post is shared from https://www.instructables.com/ If you’re going to build yourself a water-gun or a water pump in the coming hot summer, you’ll need some check valves. Buy one from the store? Or you can just make one by yourself. The most expensive parts of a water pump are usually the check valves.  In this project, we’re making some from scratch, for as little as you can imagine. Before we started, please watch the video first. WARNING: The pressure tests and claims made on these check-valves is based solely on my personal experiences with the ones demonstrated in the video.  Individual results may vary, and caution and care should be…

  • Stainless Steel Sanitary Fittings Used in Wine Industry
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    Stainless Steel Sanitary Fittings Used in Wine Industry

    Wine is very popular all over the world. Stainless steel sanitary fittings play an indispensable role in the production of wine. For instance, stainless steel distillers and coolers are used as basic equipment for liquor production. Currently, many wine producers are upgrading their equipment, so stainless steel sanitary fittings and sanitary valves will play a role throughout the process in the wine industry. Whether it is the fermentation of the pot, the sanitary stainless steel wine distilling hood with a ventilation tube, or the cooler tank inlet, all of which can be used with stainless steel heat pipes and condensers. In order to ensure the stability of the stainless steel sanitary…