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    Sanitary Double Check Valve-An Overview

    What is a check valve? A check valve, or a one-way valve, is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction. It is a type of two-port valves. In other words, it has two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check valves used in a wide variety of applications. The check valve is available in a wide range of sizes and costs, check valves generally are very small, simple, or inexpensive. Check valve work automatically and most are not controlled by a person or any external…

  • Valve Sealing Parts

    Top 10 Valve Sealing Materials

    Synthetic rubber Synthetic rubber is superior to natural rubber in its oil resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Generally, the using temperature of synthetic rubber is lower than 150 °C (t ≤ 150 °C), and that of natural rubber is lower than 60 ° C (t ≤ 60 °C). Rubber is used for shut-off valve, gate valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, check valve, pinch valve and other valves whose nominal pressure is smaller than 1 MPa (PN ≤ 1MPa). Nylon Nylon has the characteristics of small friction coefficient and good corrosion resistance. Nylon is mostly used for ball valves and globe valves with a temperature less than 90 ° C…