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Sanitary Check Valve Image Gallery

What is the sanitary check valve?

Sanitary check valves are also known as one-way valves. Their roles are to prevent the pipeline water back into the media. They are specifically used in the food handling and processing industries to prevent the backflow of products. Commonly used with liquid products, spring check valves are designed to assist closure pressure to create a positive shutoff.

Sanitary check valves are different from many other types of valves, for check valves work automatically and most are not controlled by a person or any external control. Accordingly, most do not have any valve handle or stem. Thus there is an important concept in check valves, it is, the cracking pressure. Cracking pressure is the minimum upstream pressure at which the valve will operate. So the check valve is designed for and can therefore be specified for a specific cracking pressure.

Type: Check Valve
Reference No.: AV-3
Sizes: 1" – 4"
End Types: Tri-Clamp, butt-weld
Grades: 304 – 316L

Sanitary check valve performance advantages:

AV-3 series sanitary check valve has many advantages such as removable connection, simple structure, and easy maintenance;
AV-3 series check valves are high-quality pieces to ensure the use performance and service life; 
Adamant valves can provide valve body and disc materials such as AISI 304 or AISI 316L, 304L and 316 materials, automated or manual operation valve according to your requests.

Sanitary check valve performance parameter:

Applicable medium: water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea and so on,
Connection: flange, butt welding, thread, socket welding.
Valve body and disc materials: AISI 304 or AISI 316L, 304L and 316 materials
Adamant valves can manufacture sanitary check valve according to your requests.

Below is a image carous of Adamant Valve‘s sanitary check valve, you can click each photo for more information.

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