• Difference in Application Between Sanitary Ball Valves and Sanitary Plug Valves
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    Difference in Application Between Sanitary Ball Valves and Sanitary Plug Valves

    The sanitary ball valve was introduced in the 1950s and has rapidly developed into a major valve category. In industrially developed countries, the use of ball valves is increasing year by year. It is widely used in the chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, electric power, municipal, steel and other industries. The cock of the ball valve is a sphere that can be rotated 90 degrees. It has a circular through-hole or passage through its axis. The ball valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. The ball valve is most suitable for use as a switch or shut-off valve. When…

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    4 Metrics for the Quality of Sanitary Pneumatic Ball Valves

    The switch control of the Sanitary Pneumatic Ball Valves is a top priority. This affects a series of production of sanitary valve production and transportation. The valve should be sealed and pressure tested. If the valve switch can be used normally, and there is no leakage during the pressure test, the valve is qualified. The valve is the control component of the fluid line. The body, disc and sealing surface of the valve need to meet the corresponding requirements in order to avoid corrosion. Generally speaking, the requirements for valve strength are mainly considered from the various conditions of temperature, corrosivity and pressure of the medium. When the valve is…

  • How Does Sanitary Ball Valve Works2
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    How Does Sanitary Ball Valve Work?

    This article will explain to you how the sanitary ball valve works and some of its main components. At the end of the video, it also summarizes the advantages and disadvantages associated with such valves. In this gif, we can see the sanitary ball valve on this side, we can see the body. Please note that the body here is slightly larger because this is where the ball is stored. Here we have some ball valves marked with some main components. The name of the ball valve comes from the type of disc it uses, the ball. We can see the next picture, the ball valve is in the fully…

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    Sanitary Ball Valve Image Gallery

    Sanitary ball valve is also called as hygienic ball valve which is opened by turning handles attached to balls inside the valves. The ball has a hole or port through the middle. When the port is in line with both ends of the valve, flow will occur. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve, and flow is blocked. A ball valve is durable and usually work to achieve perfect shutoff even after years of disuse. Type: Ball ValveReference No.: AV-2Sizes: 1″ – 4″End Types: Tri-Clamp, Full PortGrades: 304 – 316LOperation: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric Below is a image carous of Adamant Valve‘s sanitary ball valve, you…

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    Several Common Valve Applications

    Valves can be said to be everywhere in life, no matter the family or the factory, any building can not do without valves. This article will introduce you to several common valve application areas: Field Application Types of Valves Oil plant Oil refining device Most of them are pipeline valves, mainly gate valves, globe valves, check valves, safety valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, steam traps, among which, gate valve demand accounts for about 80% of the total number of valves. Chemical fiber device Chemical fiber products mainly include polyester, acrylic and vinylon. Ball valve and jacketed valve (jacketed ball valve, jacketed gate valve, jacketed shut-off valve) are used. Acrylonitrile device…