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Why do we need to disassemble the sanitary valve? And how to do that?

During the use of the valve, even as for the sanitary valve, it is unavoidable that some deposits or contaminants may appear inside it. In order to extend the life and performance of the valve, the valve should be disassembled and cleaned regularly. This is not as difficult as you may think. Read on, you will find that disassembling the valve is very easy to get started, you can do it.

The following is an example of disassembling the ball valve:

First, you need to prepare a wrench or screwdriver to loosen the nut, and then remove the handle. Loosen the nut on the clamp, open the clamp and remove it off from the valve. After removing the clamp, the valve is fully open. Angle the stem slightly and remove it from the ball. Gently wiggle the gasket and remove it from the stem. Done! Easy, right?

The following video can help you understand these steps:

And the installation steps are just the opposite of the disassembly steps. Even if you start to feel a bit difficult, after a few tries, you will find that the disassembly and installation of the valve is so simple.

Here only the disassembly steps of the ball valve are exemplified. In fact, the disassembly steps of different valves are slightly different. If you have any questions about the disassembly of other types of valves, you can contact Adamant Valves, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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