• Sanitary Full Port Ball Valves with Tri-clamp Ends, Pneumatic Type
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    Maintenance of Sanitary Pneumatic Ball Valve

    Sanitary ball valve is a basic type of sanitary valves. The Pneumatic ball valves are ball valves with pneumatic actuators, whose execution speed is relatively fast (the fastest switch speed is 0.05 seconds/time), so it is also called pneumatic quick cutting ball valve. Pneumatic ball valves are specifically classified as stainless steel pneumatic ball valves, plastic pneumatic ball valves, sanitary pneumatic ball valves, carbon steel pneumatic ball valves, etc. How to maintain the pneumatic ball valve? * Before use, the pneumatic ball valve should be cleaned by water to prevent iron scraps and other debris from entering the body cavity. * When the ball valve is closed, there is still some residual…

  • Sanitary 3-way Ball Valve
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    Good Properties of Sanitary 3-Way Ball Valve

    The main function of the Sanitary 3-way Ball Valve is to cut off and connect the fluid in the pipe. They have the characteristics of small fluid resistance, good sealing, quick switch and high reliability. As for the good properties, STRENGTH and SEAL are the two main performances of sanitary ball valves. Strength Properties The STRENGTH of a sanitary ball valve refers to the amount of pressure it can withstand during the operation. Valves are mechanical products that are subject to internal pressure, so they must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure long-term use without cracking or deformation. Sealing Performance Sealability is the most critical technical performance of the valve, and it…

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    Sanitary Valve: Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

    The pneumatic butterfly valve consists of a pneumatic actuator and a butterfly valve. It uses a circular disc that rotates with the valve stem as a shutter to achieve the activation action. These valves are mainly used as shut-off valves, and can also be designed to have adjustment or section valve and adjustment functions. At present, butterfly valves are used more and more on low-pressure large and medium-diameter pipes. Pneumatic butterfly valves are classified into stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve, hard seal pneumatic butterfly valve, soft seal pneumatic butterfly valve, and carbon steel pneumatic butterfly valve. The main advantages of the valve are simple structure, small size and light weight,…

  • sanitary valve for medical industry-2
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    Sanitary Valves and Sanitary Fittings for Medical Application

    From the food industry to the medical industry, and from milk to pharmaceuticals, sanitary valves and sanitary fittings provide security for multiple industries that serve millions of people every day. These sanitary devices help ensure that the products people get are of high-quality and safety, so they are of great importance. Today we’ll focus on the medical application of sanitary valves. In recent years, the medical industry has developed many new technologies using cellular and biomolecular processes to help improve the lives of people around the earth and the health of the planet itself. The main goals of medical industry are to heal the world, power the world, and feed…

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    3 Major Anti-corrosion Methods for Sanitary Valves

    We all know that strong corrosion resistance is one of the important features of sanitary valves. Today we will talk about the three major anti-corrosion methods for sanitary valves. Surface Coating The surface coating is the most widely used method of corrosion protection. It is an indispensable anti-corrosion material and identification mark for sanitary valves. The coating used for valves is usually made of synthetic resin, rubber slurry, vegetable oil and solvent. They are applied to the valve surface to insulate the medium and the atmosphere for corrosion protection. The above coatings are mainly used in less corrosive water, salt water, sea water or the atmosphere. Corrosion inhibitor Corrosion inhibitors…