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    Sanitary Food Production Line – Ensure Health!

    Have you ever purchased food at Go-Mart, Circle K or Store 24? Do you wonder how these food were made? The following video introduces the production process of various fast food you can buy in convenience stores. You will be amazed by their production process. Now, the food industry is increasingly inclined to mass production. The food you buy from the convenience store may be completely processed by a series of machine. And because the food is eaten into our stomach, the sanitary condition of the food production process needs to be strictly controlled. To maintain food safety, it is important to use clean media which is made of stainless steel. Sanitary valves…

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    Valve Encyclopedia: Ten Basic Types of Valves

    In this passage, I’m gonna explain to you how the globe, gate, ball, plug, butterfly, diaphragm, check, needle, pinch, and safety valves work. I’m also gonna tell you about the different types of valve classification, how valves get their names, and what valves actually do. So let’s start with the basics. How do we name a valve? Almost always, valves get their name from the type of discs used. The disc is the part of the valve that is used to open, close, or regulate the flow through the valve. Regulating the flow is referred to as throttling. Ball valve gets its name because of the ball-like shape of the…

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    How to Choose the Right Butterfly Valve?

    The butterfly valve controls the flow of fluid through the conduit by a single valve disc mounted on the central shaft. The disc creates a variable orifice (see Figure 1). Butterfly valves can generally be divided into three basic types: damping valves, elastomeric seat valves, and high-performance valves. Damping valve The damper butterfly valve is actually a butterfly valve without a valve seat (see Figure 2). The valve disc in the valve does not touch the inner wall of the valve body. It does not cut off the fluid; it only decelerates the fluid in the pipe or flue because there is a gap between the outer diameter of the…

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    Differences Between Sanitary Valves And Industrial Valves

    Sanitary valves are used in higher hygiene requirements occasions. It seems to have no difference compared with the industrial valves only from their appearances. In other words, the difference between sanitary valves and industrial valves is not obvious in some ways. Here’s a comparison. The biggest difference between the two valves is the raw materials used to manufacture them. Sanitary valves are used in the environment of high hygiene requirements such as pharmaceutical, food and daily commodities. These products are edible or having direct contact with human bodies. Therefore, there is high sanitation demand for the manufacturing machinery, and ordinary steel, iron, copper and other materials cannot meet the standard. For…

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    How Does Sanitary Diaphragm Valves Work?

    Sanitary diaphragm valve is a special form of cut-off valve. It’s opening and closing parts is a diaphragm made of soft material to separate the inner chamber of the valve body from the inner cavity of the cover and the driving parts. Sanitary diaphragm valve is widely used in hygienic winemaking, dairy products, beverages, and other food industry as well as the pharmaceutical field of aseptic conditions, to achieve the control of pipeline fluid and open/close tasks. Related: Sanitary diaphragm valve new products: Sanitary Diaphragm Bleed Valve With Tri-clamp Ends, Manual Type Operation principle of sanitary diaphragm valve Diaphragm valves are normally closed with the diaphragm close to the inner chamber of…