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    Introduction to Pneumatic Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

    The pneumatic sanitary diaphragm valve is a sterile diaphragm valve whose control principle is a pneumatic actuator that is connected to the pressure of the air source, and uses the pressure of the air source to activate the pneumatic actuator to achieve the opening and closing action of the valve. Its opening and closing member is a diaphragm made of soft material. The close fitting of the valve body and the diaphragm provides the valve body seal and the valve seat tightness, and separates the valve body cavity from the bonnet cavity and the driving component. Pneumatic Hygienic Diaphragm Valves are ideal for food level pipe fluid control and on/off…

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    How Does Sanitary Ball Valve Work?

    This article will explain to you how the sanitary ball valve works and some of its main components. At the end of the video, it also summarizes the advantages and disadvantages associated with such valves. In this gif, we can see the sanitary ball valve on this side, we can see the body. Please note that the body here is slightly larger because this is where the ball is stored.   Here we have some ball valves marked with some main components. The name of the ball valve comes from the type of disc it uses, the ball. We can see the next picture, the ball valve is in the…

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    Sanitary Check Valve Image Gallery

    What is the sanitary check valve? Sanitary check valves also known as one-way valves, their roles are to prevent the pipeline water back in the media. They are specifically used for the food handling and processing industries to prevent backflow of product. Commonly used with liquid products, spring check valves are designed to assist closure pressure to create a positive shutoff. Sanitary check valves are different to many other types of valves, for check valves work automatically and most are not controlled by a person or any external control. Accordingly, most do not have any valve handle or stem. Thus there is an important concept in check valves, it is, the cracking…

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    Sanitary Butterfly Valve Image Gallery

    What is the sanitary butterfly valve? Sanitary butterfly valve, also called hygienic butterfly valve, is a type of flow control device. It is  a form of Butterfly Valves whose valve body, valve disc, and other components are fabricated out of stainless steel. Sanitary butterfly valves are used to make a fluid start or stop flowing through a section of pipe for these devices in applications such as food and beverage processing, personal care, biomedical, or pharmaceutical industries. Type: Butterfly ValveReference No.: AV-1Sizes: 1″ – 4″End Types: Tri-Clamp, Pull HandleGrades: 304 – 316LOperation: Manual, Pneumatic Adamant Valves sanitary butterfly valves uses: AV-1 series stainless steel sanitary butterfly valves are widely used to the petroleum, metallurgy, plumbing, food, bio-pharmaceutical…

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    Sanitary Ball Valve Image Gallery

    Sanitary ball valves is also called as hygienic ball valve which is opened by turning handles attached to balls inside the valves. The ball has a hole or port through the middle. When the port is in line with both ends of the valve, flow will occur. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve, and flow is blocked. A ball valve is durable and usually work to achieve perfect shutoff even after years of disuse. Type: Ball ValveReference No.: AV-2Sizes: 1″ – 4″End Types: Tri-Clamp, Full PortGrades: 304 – 316LOperation: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric Below is a image carous of Adamant Valve‘s sanitary ball valve, you…