• Sanitary Full Port Ball Valves with Tri-clamp Ends, Pneumatic Type
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    Maintenance of Sanitary Pneumatic Ball Valve

    Sanitary ball valve is a basic type of sanitary valves. The Pneumatic ball valves are ball valves with pneumatic actuators, whose execution speed is relatively fast (the fastest switch speed is 0.05 seconds/time), so it is also called pneumatic quick cutting ball valve. Pneumatic ball valves are specifically classified as stainless steel pneumatic ball valves, plastic pneumatic ball valves, sanitary pneumatic ball valves, carbon steel pneumatic ball valves, etc. How to maintain the pneumatic ball valve? * Before use, the pneumatic ball valve should be cleaned by water to prevent iron scraps and other debris from entering the body cavity. * When the ball valve is closed, there is still some residual…